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Students Safety, Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

Student safety is one of our top priorities. Making sure students get to their classrooms as they enter school and safely picked up at school dismissal is a big task, so your cooperation with the procedures below is greatly appreciated! Driving inside the School Premises Please drive with caution when coming inside the School premises and obey traffic rules.  Any traffic violations will be reported to the local police by the School Management to ensure the safety of our students.  Park only in designated spaces. Parking along the curb is not allowed. Watch out for students and parents walking between the parking lot and school front door. Parents should always accompany the students up until the School front door. Parent Drop-off Procedures: Parents who are dropping off students at the beginning of the school are to park in the parking lot. A parent/guardian must accompany students up-to the front door. Students will enter through the front door only. School admins and te