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Coronavirus : Virtual Classes at Vallalar Tamil School

Due to the growing concerns about Coronavirus (COVID - 19) pandemic and to ensure the safety of our Students and Volunteers, Tamil Classes at Vallalar Tamil School went virtual today for the first time. We had our first Virtual Classes this morning for the entire School from Pre-k-1 to Grade 7 through WebEx.  Though there is no substitute for in-person learning and interaction, the online classes were largely successful due to your efforts of our Teachers. Kudos to our Teachers for their efforts.  For Pre-K students, Teachers shared materials in the WhatsApp groups as they are too young to study in this kind of model. Students can work based on the materials and submit the work to the teachers with parents help. From Basic 1 onwards, WebEx worked out well. Teachers shared the study materials through screen share. Teachers employed different techniques to retain student's attention. Parents staying with the students and helping them made today's session successful.  Over

English Public Speaking Course

Public speaking is a highly sought after soft skill. Public speaking skill helps in building confidence and Leadership qualities in students. We are going to start the "English Public Speaking Course" at our Tamil School for students studying in Elementary grades (Ages 7 to 12) to enable them become confident in English Language and Public Speaking. This will be a free course for Vallalar Tamil School Students. The classes will be after the Tamil Classes, between 12:30 to 1:30PM. There will be 10-12 classes between March and June 2020. At the end of the course, students will participate in an "English Public Speaking competition" to showcase their skills. This course will be handled by our Tamil School Students as part of their "Girls Scouts Silver Awards Project".  This course will be conducted under the guidance of our Tamil School Teacher Mrs.Kripa Balaji who has experience in the English Public Speaking. You can register for this course with th