"Open Book" Monthly Tests

Due to Coronavirus, the school is functioning virtually. So, all students are expected to complete open book exams for the remaining three tests (Test 6, 7 and final exam).

Parents should download the question paper from this link http://njvallalarpalli.org/monthlytest6, take a print out and give the test to the Students.  If you don't have a printer at home, please have your child answer the questions in a plain white paper.

Please scan the answer sheets and send them back to the teachers for grading.

We would like to follow some guidelines to make the testing process as fair and as beneficial as possible for everyone. While students are allowed to use any class materials when taking the test, they are expected to take the test by themselves without help from anyone. The oral part of the exam is to be uploaded as an audio file. Parents can help with giving the dictation words (and also with the oral questions as needed).

Monthly Test Question Paper Link - http://njvallalarpalli.org/monthlytest6


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